Hi! I'm Emily (:

I'm a mama, wife, artist, advocate and activist.

In 2017,  a few weeks after my 31st birthday, I was diagnosed with stage III triple negative breast cancer. My daughter was a year old at the time. Before starting chemotherapy, I went searching for a shirt to wear to my treatments. I was looking for something fun and sassy but not covered in pink ribbons. I wanted something that motivated me to get out of bed in the morning, because let's be honest... chemo suuuuuuuucks! Long story short, I couldn't find what I was searching for. I ended up buying a graphic quote shirt and wearing that to my treatments. But I walked away from that experience with a bit of inspiration in my soul.

As I progressed through treatment and became more active in online support groups, I began to take note of issues that were important to breast cancer patients, but weren't often discussed. Issues like metastatic breast canceryoung breast cancerpinkwashing and the beauty in going flat. Then when it came time to look in the mirror at my flat chest for the first time post after my double mastectomy, something magical happened...

... even though I was looking in the mirror for the purpose of looking at my new breastless chest... I didn't even notice for a few seconds that they were gone. For the first time in my entire life, I realized that I was beautiful and breasts did not define my beauty.

In that moment, I was overcome with inspiration. I knew exactly what I needed to do with the thoughts and ideas that had been bouncing around in my head since that shopping experience; and the perfect name came to mind:

Emily + Empower + Powerhouse =

 I went straight to my computer and opened an Etsy shop with that name. I had given this idea so much thought over the course of my treatment, and that was the light-bulb moment when I decided that it was time to take action on my ideas. I knew at that moment, that I could use my passion (art) to shine a spotlight on the issues I spoke about earlier, while empowering breast cancer patients to embrace and be proud of their new bodies.


The EMPOWERHAUS mission is to HONOR, ADVOCATE & EMPOWER by creating designs with powerful messages that encourage real, truthful conversations about women's rights, patient's rights and human rights.


You can feel good purchasing from my shop or following/liking/commenting/sharing my advocacy work not only because you are contributing to my family's financial needs post-cancer treatment (I'm now disabled, art is all I got 😞), but you're also helping me further my mission of empowering breast cancer patients!


Thank you & much love,
Socials: @mrsemilyhopper